Who would accept Gold?

"Who would accept gold?" The answer to that question is a counter-question: "Would anything else - other than gold and silver - be accepted?" Each time a fictional currency implodes and returns to its intrinsic value which is zero, gold and silver become the only possible means of payment. Therefore the price of gold becomes totally irrelevant as soon as a currency is heading for a hyperinflationary scenario.

You still believe Hyperinflation cannot happen in your country? Let us have a look at the monetary base of the world's reserve currency - the US-Dollar:

US monetary base as of January 1st each year [Source: St. Louis Fed]

2001: $  616.7 billion
2002: $  673.7 billion
2003: $  719.6 billion
2004: $  756.8 billion
2005: $  793.8 billion
2006: $  825.2 billion
2007: $  843.5 billion
2008: $  851.4 billion
2009: $1,730.2 billion
2010: $2,010.1 billion
2011: $2,057.1 billion
2012: $2,647.7 billion

What is the difference to Zimbabwe?!? It may take a little longer for all the quantitive easings to arrive in real economy, because this world reserve currency is global, but when it does, you better be prepared(!) 

The value of gold is as an anti-currency-- a rejection of the FIAT system in favor of something more tangible that cannot be conjured out of thin air. This is not a bubble. It's a simple causality. And as long as the trends hold, a continued rise in the gold price is supported.